Using carbon steel for roller shutter design: a cost-effective alternative

When choosing a suitable material for your roller shutters, you'll probably choose between stainless steel and aluminium. Indeed, these are two of the most common and most effective options. Homeowners who prefer stainless steel for their premises should also consider an additional material—carbon steel.

Think of carbon steel as a cheaper, more flexible and more readily available alternative to stainless steel. Carbon steel may not be as premium-looking and functional as stainless steel, but it gets the job done quite effectively. Furthermore, you can use it to make your roller shutter installation more affordable if you are on a budget.

Here are additional use cases for carbon steel over stainless steel as a roller shutter material.

More flexibility in roller shutter design

While carbon steel is more brittle than stainless steel is, its readily available components means that there's additional flexibility in the manufacturing process. In other words, carbon steel can be used to experiment with unique sizes, shapes and styles of roller shutter doors.

Carbon steel has an iron centre that provides stability and durability. By adding carbon, the material can be fabricated into stylish and functional designs for both homes and buildings. In this way, the applications of roller shutter doors are expanded.

A cost-effective alternative

The 'less premium' nature of carbon steel makes it a cost-effective alternative for your roller shutters. While spending less money, you won't be compromising significantly on weather resistance, durability or application.

Adding carbon and a higher proportion of iron are what make carbon steel less costly for roller shutter manufacturers. A simpler fabrication process also allows manufacturers to pass on the lower costs to consumers.

Comparable durability and corrosion resistance

While stainless steel is more durable and less subject to corrosion than carbon steel, this doesn't mean that carbon steel is unusable. This more flexible option still maintains excellent durability and can protect your premises from exterior elements. It is also tough, due to its high iron content, and thieves will have a hard time trying to break through your doors. And if you add a proper coat of paint, you can significantly reduce the risk of corrosion in your doors for longer than most people expect.

If you need reliable metallic roller shutters for your premises while on a budget, your options extend beyond stainless and aluminium. Consider carbon steel and enjoy the full benefits of steel doors for many years to come. Contact a company that sells residential roller shutters to learn more about your options.

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