3 Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door

The garage door protects your vehicles and other valuable items in your home from vandalism and theft. For most homes, the garage door is also an entry route into the house. While many people understand the critical role of the garage door, only a few pay attention to its maintenance and care. Neglecting your garage door can lead to unnoticed wear and tear, which might eventually lead to a premature replacement.

The best way to minimise damage is by regularly maintaining and repairing the door. Below are some maintenance tips to help you in maintaining your garage door in perfect working condition throughout the year.  

1. Maintain the Rollers and Hinges

In many homes, garage doors go up and down thousands of times every year. These repetitive movements often lead to wear and tear. Failing to lubricate the hinges frequently can worsen the damages. In addition to lubrication, you should check the hinges regularly and repair or replace them when necessary. It is advisable to call a repair expert every three months to examine the rollers and hinges and ensure that they are in good condition.

2. Keep the Door Well-Balanced

Another common issue with garage doors is imbalance. Loss of balance occurs due to torsion spring problems. As garage doors get old, the springs also age and weaken. Sometimes, one of the door springs can snap, creating a completely imbalanced door. The imbalance creates an unnecessary weight on the other side of the door and can lead to serious injuries and damage if it snaps and rolls down.

A professional garage door expert will help to avert disaster by readjusting the springs so that the door regains its balance. If one of the springs is broken, they will replace it.

3. Ensure Proper Sealing of the Door 

The garage door seal plays a fundamental role in preventing air and light from entering the garage and the rest of the home. Doing this helps to maintain the ideal indoor temperatures and to avoid overworking the air conditioning system. Over time, the seal wears down and may even come off. During the maintenance checks, your garage door repair technician will assess the condition of the seal. In case of minor damage, they will execute the necessary repairs. But if the damages are beyond repair, they may recommend a complete replacement of the seal. 

Call your garage door service technician for regular maintenance and repairs. By doing this, you will minimise damages and increase the door's lifespan and efficiency. 

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